Hey Witches ! I will send your magic packages as usual ♡ Thank you for your Support ! x.


I will have your order made and ready to ship in 1-5 days.
I ship WORLDWIDE & usually ☆ EACH MONDAY ☆ . 

The Shipping times are ESTIMATED and not guaranteed.
If you need your package for a specific day please contact me BEFORE ordering (HERE)
☆ ESTIMATED - Regular Shipping (Without Tracking)
- 3-15 Business Days in Canada
*I highly recommend you : WITH tracking number*

☆ ESTIMATED - Regular Shipping (Tracking Included)

- 2-5 Business Days in Canada
- 3-5 Business Days in US
- 3-4 Week International

☆ ESTIMATED - Express Shipping (Tracking Included)
- 1-2 Business Days in Canada
- 1-3 Business Days in US
- 10-13 Business Days International
☆ Please note that I'm not responsible if you have made a mistake in your address or if you don't get your parcel on time. You'll be responsible for additional charges to get your package shipped back. Look at your tracking number in your email to stay aware of time delivery and if you have any questions, contact me ! (HERE)

If something happens with your magic package, please contact me IMMEDIATELY upon receiving. (HERE)
Write me a message and I'll decide if there can be a refund or exchange depending on the nature of your item. Note : Be aware that this is online shopping. Please, look at the pictures and descriptions before purchasing. Colors can slightly vary from the original picture because of your monitors.

Lost : I'm not responsible for any delays & lost package once I shipped it. Without Tracking Number, you will be responsible for extra shipping cost. For lost parcels with Tracking Number you must wait 30 days before I can fill a claim.
Damaged : Send me a photo of your item & I will find a solution based on the damage.
USA : 
Lost : For lost parcels with Tracking Number you must wait 45 days before I can fill a claim.

Damaged : Send me a photo of your item & I will find a solution based on the damage.

☆ I use standard Headbands which usually fit on all heads. If it's not your case (like me!), I always give bobbypins to help holding in place or you can use the attachment of your choice if needed. 

☆ Be Aware that some crowns are more heavier than other because it's made with Crystals.

☆ My Crystal Crowns are sturdy but crystals are delicate, please handle with care like they're little treasures. ♡
~ Keep it in a dry place away from direct sunlight
~ Keep it away from water & humidity 

☽ RESINS ☾  
When UV light hits a resin coating, it degrades the epoxy polymers, causing ambering (a noticeable yellow discoloration). This is totally normal that resins change with time and exposure to UV light as most things on earth do! However, to decelerate this process, try to avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat on your piece.

If you have a specific idea, I’ll be really happy to discuss with you how I can do some magic to create it !  ♡

If you have any questions, custom order, ideas, pictures to share, comments, please write me a magic message (HERE)