☽ FAQ ☾


  • ✈ I will have your order made and ready to ship in 1-5 business days.
  • ✈ I ship once a week : each Tuesday [exceptions may apply on holidays].
  • ✈ I ship Worldwide! [If you're from UK/FRANCE please shop : here or contact me and I will create a listing with the items you want!♡]
  • ✈ The Shipping times are Estimated and not guaranteed.
  • ✈ If you need your package for a Specific day or Express Shipping please contact me before ordering.
  • ✈ Any customs and import taxes that may apply are the responsibility of the buyers.
  • QUEBEC : 1-2 Business Days
  • UNITED STATES : 5-7 Business Days 
  • CANADA : 5-10 Business Days
  • INTERNATIONAL : 3-4 Weeks*
    (*International may have delays due to covid ~11-15 Weeks)
  • CANADA ONLY : 10-15 Business Days
  • ★ No Tracking = There's no informations about the package and it takes longer to be delivered. I can't help if there's any problems with your package if there's no tracking. I highly recommend to select The Tracking Number at checkout for fast shipping & keep track of your package.


  • While shopping, you may use your own currency [up right $]. At checkout, the payments are processed with one default currency in CAD$ since I'm based in Canada. The final amount will convert from CAD to your own currency over Paypal or your bank at the most current exchange rate.


  • ☆ Be Aware that some crowns may be heavier than others to wear. Remember that you are wearing crystals on your head! Some crowns have bigger crystals for an Epic Look! If you really want something lighter, look at crown with thin crystals, less crystals or my Halo crowns!
  • ☆ I use standard Headbands which usually fit on all heads. You can use bobbypins to help hold it in place or you can use the attachment of your choice if needed. 
  • ☆ The material/crystals used to create my crowns are written in every listing. Lots of crystals are dyed quartz or have metal-coating to give their magical & colorful look. 
  • ☆ My Crystal Crowns are sturdy but crystals are delicate, please handle with care like they're little treasures. ♡
  • ~ Keep it in a dry place away from direct sunlight
  • ~ Keep it away from water & humidity 
  • My Crystal Crowns are made-to-order and take between 1-5 business days to create after your order! 


    • ☆☆☆ Avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat on your piece ! ☆☆☆
    • Please, be aware that when UV light hits a resin coating, it degrades the epoxy polymers, causing ambering (a noticeable yellow discoloration). This is totally normal that resins change with time and exposure to UV light as most things on earth do! ♡ However, to decelerate this process, try to avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat on your piece.


    • If you have a specific idea, I’ll be really happy to discuss with you how I can do some magic to create it !  
    • ♡ Take a look at my >CUSTOM< page to know more about it! 


    • ☆ I'm not responsible for any delays & lost package from the postal services once I shipped it. 
    • ☆ Shipping Time are Estimated and may have delays that I can't control. 
    • ☆ Please: double-check your address. If you have made a mistake in your address or if your package is returned and unclaimed : You'll be responsible for additional charges to get your package shipped back.
    ☆ LOST 
    • - CANADA WITHOUT TRACKING : You must wait 30 days from your shipping date before it's declared lost and contact me.
    • - QUEBEC WITH TRACKING : You can complete a *Help Request Form* with Purolator : CLICK HERE. You must wait 10 days from your shipping date before it's declared lost & contact me.
    • - CANADA WITH TRACKING : You can complete a *Help Request Form* with Canada Post : CLICK HERE. You must wait 30 days from your shipping date before it's declared lost & contact me.
    • - USA WITH TRACKING : You can complete a *Help Request Form* with USPS : CLICK HERE. You must wait 14 days from your shipping date before its declared lost & contact me. 
    • - INTERNATIONAL WITH TRACKING : You must wait 45 days from your shipping date before its declared lost & contact me.

    ☆ DAMAGED 
    • If you receive a damaged item, send us a picture of your item as soon as you receive it & we will find a solution based on the damage! ♡


    • ☆ Due to the nature of the products, returns are accepted only for exchanges and gift cards only. 
    • ☆ Customer will be responsible for Return Fees if an exchange is requested, then shipping back fees will be the responsibility of Luna Corvus.
    • ☆ The item must be returned in its original condition. The buyer is responsible for any loss in value.
    • ☆ Note : Be aware that this is Online Shopping. Please, look at the images and descriptions closely before purchasing and you're more than welcome to ask questions. Colors can slightly vary from the original picture because of your monitors.
    • ☆ NO ITEMS from ''THE OBLIVIATE'' (imperfect pieces) can be exchange, returned or refunded. 


    • LOCATION : I'm based in Québec, Canada. (I speak french&english)
    • CONTACT : Can't find an answer in the FAQs? Contact me here. I'll be happy to help!
    • WHOLESALE : Wholesale is possible on a case-by-case basis. Please email me at lunacorvusart@gmail.com for further informations!