♡ Do you want to create Magic with me? 




If I have everything already in stock!

ABOUT 1-2 MONTHS(or more!)
If I need to order new things to create your crown!


🖤STEP 1🖤
 You can get inspiration in my ☆ PORTFOLIO ☆ Click Here!
You may create a Favorite Listing by checking the ♡ and entering your email! This way you can revisit them at anytime using your email address. 

🖤STEP 2🖤 
Fill the Custom Form at the end of the page.
**Please, read every step before filling the form!**
After filling and sending the form,
I send you a link to pay for the Custom Service Deposit.($) 

🖤STEP 3🖤 
Once I received the deposit : Brainstorm Time !
We write to each other, send pictures & ideas to find the perfect result for You! 

🖤STEP 4🖤 
Final Recap of your crown and I give you the final price($). 
I need your ''OK'' to continue to the CREATION. 
[If we order new pieces, we have to wait 1-2 months at this step]


After receiving your ''Final OK'' : I create your crown!
Creating a crown may take between 1-14 days depending of its complexity and the deadline you gave me!

When your crown is ready, I send you a final listing from my website where you can see and purchase your piece.
Please, be ready to pay for your custom crown at this moment!
If something happens, you have 1 Month to purchase your custom piece.
After 1 month, it will be available for anyone to grab it.


Deposit Custom Service: 50$CAD+tx (40$US) 
Crown Price : $ varies depending on the items you want on your crown. 
(The Deposit is not included in the crown price, it's for the Custom Service only.)

To give you an idea($) with custom service included :

👑Small Custom Crown(less crystals)👑
START at 95$CAD(75$US)

👑Complete Custom Crown👑
START at 130$CAD(105$US) 

*Reminder :
★ Deposit is paid after you filled the form (I send you a link!) and is non-refundable. 
★ Payment of your crown is done at the FINAL STEP when you're satisfied with the final result! Be ready to get your crown when you receive your listing!
★This price is for one(1) crown only! You have to fill the form for every crown you want. Deposit is required for every different crown.
🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙