♡ Do you want to create Magic with me? 

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Note : This page is for a CUSTOM CROWN but if you're interested for a custom clip, comb, necklace or any other idea, please write me a message HERE !


I have some crystals already in stock and I can also order the ones that you like to create exactly what you want!
You can mix crystals/colors as you wish. You can take a look at my crowns to inspire you and see if there's crystals that you like or want ☆ HERE ☆

You choose :
- the color of your headband: Silver, Black or Gold
- the color of your wire: Silver, Black, Brass, Gold or Rose Gold
- your charm(s): Moon(s), None or Others (Specify) 

If you already have a specific idea in mind (Crystals & Charms), you can fill the questionnaire at the bottom of the page
If you don't really know what you want for now, you can tell me which colors/crystals that you like.

When we will have a better idea for your crown, I'm gonna take pictures before creating the crown so that you can see how it looks like to come up with the perfect result for you. I will always show you a picture before creating the crown to have your OK.

If I need to order new things to create your custom piece it can take up to 1-2 month! 
If I have everything already in stock it can take up to 1 week! 
After your final OK, I create the crown and immediately create a Page for you on my website to purchase it when it's ready. You have *1 Month* to purchase your custom piece. After 1 month, it will be for sale on my website.

The Custom Service is 20$CAD By Piece. For the Final Price, it will depends on the crystals & charms you want. To give you an idea, the order START between ~ 65-100$CAD (45$-70$US) I will give you the price for each items/charms you want to add to your crown so you'll know how much it will be at every step!
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This is a recap of what I need to know :

(Copy+paste this with your answers in your message!)

- Silver / Black / Gold

☆ WIRE ☆
- Silver / Black / Gold / Bronze / RoseGold

- Moon(s) - which one & which color?
- Other(s) - specify what you want !
- None

- Raw or Polished
- Type ? (Amethyst, Quartz, Citrine, Agate, etc.)
- Colors ? (Red, Teal, Black, White, etc.)

This is some examples :
- Same crystal everywhere
- 5 Amethyst in the middle and agate all around
- Large Raw Amethyst in the middle and polished ones all around
- etc.

- It will help to manage our brainstorm time together.

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Then, you can write me ☆ HERE ☆
Or if you want to already add pictures :

Thank you for your interest to create with me ! x.

Luna 🌙