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ABOUT 1 WEEK : If I have everything already in stock!
ABOUT 1-2 MONTHS(or more!) : If I need to order new things!

🖤 STEP 1 🖤
 Fill the Form that match your Custom Piece(at the end of the page)
Please, read every steps before filling the form.
(You have to copy+paste this form by email)

🖤 STEP 2 🖤
I send you the custom service price depending on the piece and projet you want and if it works with you : Brainstorm Time ! I send you photos & ideas and we write to each other to find the perfect result for You! 

🖤 STEP 3 🖤
I give you the final price for your piece with all the items you want on it to see if it's ok for you to continue to the FINAL STEP. 

After your Final OK, I create your piece and immediately create a Page for you on my website to purchase it when it's ready. 
Creating a piece will take between 1-14 days depending of its complexity.
When it's ready, I send you a final link where you can purchase your piece.
Please, be ready to pay for your custom piece *when* I send you the final link.
If something happens, you have *1 Month* to purchase your custom piece.
After 1 month, it will be for sale on my website.

The Custom Service is 20$ to 50$CAD/PIECE (depending on the piece)
For the Final Price, it will depends on the items you want on your piece.
[CustomServicePrice] + [Item Price] + [TX-if applicable-] + [Shipping] !
🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 


(Copy+paste this with your answers in your message!)

- Necklace Type? Chain/Cord/Etc.
- Material? Stainless Steel/Sterling Silver/Etc.
- Necklace Color? Silver/Brass/Black/Etc.
- Charms and/or Crystals?
-Length of it?
- When do you need it?

- Hair Clip? Hair Comb? Hair Pin? or Other?
- What kind of Clip, Pin or Comb?
- Which color? Silver/Black/Brass/Etc.
- Wire color? Silver/Black/Brass/Etc.
- Charms?
- Crystals? 
- Other Items?
- When do you need it?

- Length? (I usually do 10-14''inch to give you an idea!)

- Chain? Silver, Black, Gold, Rosegold, etc.
- Which piece do you want as the pendulum weight?
- Which piece do you want to hold the pendulum?
- Other Charms?
- When do you need it?

If you have any other ideas, send me as many details as possible about what you have in mind! I'll be happy to let you know if it's possible or not to create it together!

🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 

Send me the Questionnaire for your piece(copy+paste) your answers here : ☆ lunacorvusart@gmail.com ☆
Don't Hesitate to add Pictures & Photos ! 

Thank you for your interest to create with me ! x.

Luna 🌙