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☽ Crown with Jasper Crystals ☾

****The crown that remains is not the same as in the photos,!*****

*Each one is handmade and the design can vary to make it Unique and One of a kind for you!*

★ Sizes of each Crystals vary from 1-5cm 
★ Material : Natural Sea Sediment Jasper
★ Moon(Antique Bronze) approximate Length : 1½''
★ If you need to, you can use bobby pins to help holding in place
★ Handmade with love 

♡ J A S P E R ♡
♡ Relaxation 
♡ Contentment 
♡ Compassion
♡ Nurturing 
♡ Consolation 
♡ Tranquility
♡ Healing
♡ Completion

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